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PC Speed Maximizer will easily improve your PC performance.

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Removing potential privacy risks and freeing up disk space.

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A Free Scan to identify items which can be cleaned or optimized.

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You will get 15 days of purchase protection guarantee.

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Is your computer bogged down, slow, and having problems? It happens a lot with most people's PCs, but there is a solution to easily clean and optimize your computer.

PC Maximizer is a powerful, up-to-date, new downloadable software that can search through your files and remove junk that your computer doesn't need, freeing up disk space.

Think of your computer as a yard that started out as fresh, green grass. Over time, however, people dumped mounds of dirt in the yard. Animals came in and made holes in the ground. The wind, rain, and snow moved things around in the yard, out of their normal place. If you never did any yard maintenance, your yard would be a mess. That's what happens to your PC over time. Like a yard, it needs cleaning to keep it orderly and in great condition.

Today, people don't have time to waste. We want things done quickly, without headaches. PC Maximizer scans your PC quickly and cleans up the junk files so your computer will run faster and better.

If you don't want PC Maximizer to touch certain files in your system, you can customize the registry scan to include or exclude certain files.

PC Maximizer is the ultimate computer cleaner. It finds and removes potential privacy risks. When you want to get rid of Internet chat conversations, certain downloaded music, videos or photos, and 'Cookies',
PC Maximizer easily lets you do that. If you've been frustrated, trying to figure out how to get rid of recently opened documents and document searches, PC Maximizer helps you do that, as well.

A PC's start up menu often contains numerous programs that don't need to be there. PC Maximizer has an all-new 'Manage Start-up menu' option in their Clean-up tab, so you can eliminate unnecessary or non-existent programs. The goal is to make your computer fun faster and more efficiently.

Your computer also tends to get bogged down by unnecessary registry entries. PC Maximizer can safely and easily remove those from the Windows registry, while still allowing you to go back to the last known good configuration using powerful backup and restore features, just in case you need to do that.

Finally, PC Maximizer tells you what it did to improve your computer through new optimization reports.

Best of all, you can try PC Maximizer right now. Download the free scan, which will show you key items that need to be cleaned or optimized.

PC Speed Maximizer Free Trial Version - No credit card needed - Download now and start immidiately!

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  • Cleans and optimizes your Windows PC.
  • Reducing boot-up times.
  • Frees up RAM memory.
  • Optimizing your registry.
  • Cleans those unnecessary and invalid entries.
  • Deletes junk files and frees up disk space.
  • Removes broken shortcuts.
  • Removes potential privacy risks.
  • Finetunes various system settings.


Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista,
XP, 2003 or 2000

Download File Size: 3.3 MB